4 ways to choose jewelry for your style

Buying jewelry for yourself sometimes can be a little disorienting. Whether you plan to wear it seven days a week or just on special occasions, you'll want it to look great on you, to fit your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your budget. When choosing a piece of jewelry, you should first determine what kind of personal style you have then choose something that fits in that style.

1. Do you, don't do trends!

Jewelry should be about who you are and what you like, not about trends. Trends cannot dictate you who you are.Trends come and go so quickly and can be a drain on your budget. There will always be some trends that you love and others that you won't. Get inspired but you should buy things that make you feel good wearing and says something about you. Are you bold? Wear bold colors! Are you elegant and feminine? Check antique classy jewelry! You love nature? Buy jewelry with natural stones. In this way the inside will match the outside and you will feel good for a very long time wearing them.

2. Don't overpower your outfit!

Jewelry is meant to accent your wardrobe, not to drown it in sparkles. You don't need to spend a lot of time but you should take a moment before going out to consider if it's the right combination. For example if you are wearing big earrings play it down on the necklace and vice versa, a bold necklace should always be worn with a less eccentric pair of earrings. You can pair though a bold necklace with a bold bracelet or ring. This will separate the focal points and put the whole look together.

3. Wear jewelry that compliments your body!

You can draw attention to or away from certain body parts or balance proportions using strategically placed pieces. To draw attention for example wear jewelry with bold colors or significant charms on or near those body parts. Also, petite people should buy smaller pieces so scale your jewelry to your body's size.

4. Consider other matching qualities!

Are you proud of your eyes? They say eyes are the doorways to our soul. It could be but for sure is one the first places people look when they talk to us. Blue eyes will look great with blue gemstones like blue topaz and sapphire. Brown eyes match with red gemstones like garnet and ruby. To contrast them wear deep blue colors. Hazel and green eyes go well with green gems like jade and emerald.

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